Accommodation in Giglio Island

Where to sleep on the island of Giglio

A guide for all tastes on the Island’s facilities and accommodations

For all travelers, once the destination is chosen, the second issue is that of accommodation. Where to sleep? What is the right solution for me? To each, of course, his choice, theisland of Giglio in recent years has been able to gradually renew and expand the variety of accommodation on the island, so that it is possible to find the most appropriate solution for every taste. From the campsite of
Giglio Campese
, to the apartments and B&Bs of
Giglio Castello
, to hotels in
Giglio Porto
, there is something for everyone.

Depending on one’s needs, one can choose one location over another, keeping in mind that the size of the island makes it very easy to move around, and getting to the sea is not at all difficult from whichever town one chooses to start from, whether it is Giglio Porto, Giglio Castello or Giglio Campese.

Where to sleep in Giglio Porto

Giglio Porto is the nerve center of island life; ferries arrive and depart daily from here, the island’s only link to the mainland. Welcoming us is the seaside promenade, from the Red Pier to the Green Pier, with its quaint little colorful houses, small stores, bars and restaurants a triumph of lights and colors that create the lively holiday atmosphere of the Gigliese summer. Giglio Porto is only one kilometer from Cannelle Beach and about two kilometers from Arenella Beach. The Caldane beach can also be easily reached from here by cab boat service. A variety of solutions can be found here, from apartments to B&Bs to 4-star hotels.

Where to Sleep in Giglio Castello

Giglio Castello is the island’s medieval village. Listed among the most beautiful villages in Italy is, without a doubt, the most fascinating town, both from a historical point of view and because of its dominant position in relation to the rest of the island. Built more than 400mt above sea level, the Castle enjoys, especially in summer, cooler temperatures than in Giglio Porto and Giglio Campese, ideal for those who suffer too much from the heat, love tranquility and feel immersed in the history of a place. With its alleys, the St. Peter’s Church and the Rocca Aldobrandesca, its cellars where wine is still made, and its stairways along which, still on certain summer evenings one can meet musicians and singers singing Gigliese stornelli and traditional songs, ready to share a bottle of Ansonaco, Giglio Castello enjoys an atmosphere all its own, all special that sometimes when it’s evening you don’t even feel like you’re at the sea and then you turn around and the sea is right there. There are numerous apartments and B&Bs here and regular bus connections to the other two centers.

Where to Sleep in Giglio Campese

Giglio Campese is the best place for those on vacation who want to completely forget about having a car. With its large reddish sand beach that long unravels across the bay, which is bordered by the Tower fortified and the stacks of the other, symbolizing the power of man on one side and the force of nature on the other, Campese is the ideal place for those who want to wake up right on the beach. The small town then offers, all the necessary services: bars, small restaurants, grocery stores, the newsstand and the tobacconist. A variety of lodging options can be found here from cliff-side camping, to a beachhotel, through room rentals and apartments.

Accommodation in Maremma

The Maremma, the most unknown and wildest part of all of Tuscany. Very rarely is Maremma associated with the islands of the Archipelago, and yet, two of them-Giglio and Giannutri-are part of it. Thus in the same vacation you can combine the unique experience of the Maremma hinterland, with its nature, historic villages and genuine products of the land and the sea of the Mediterranean islands. A vacation between the countryside and the sea under the banner of relaxation, well-being and things that are still authentic.