Monte Argentario

Coming down from the rolling hills of the Maremma, embellished by the vineyards that produce Morellino, one of the many excellences of this unique land, one glimpses on the horizon the profile of an enormous mountain that juts into the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea; it is the Promontory of the Monte Argentario, a well-known and favorite tourist destination for many tourists, both Italians and foreigners.

Although it was originally one of the islands that make up theTuscan Archipelago, today three tongues of land, two natural tombolos and an artificial road, hold it to the mainland causing the ancient island to become a promontory.

Monte Argentario can be reached comfortably either from the south or the north by taking the S.S. 1 Aurelia and taking, respectively, the exit at Orbetello and continuing on the road, known as the Diga, or the Tombolo della Giannella and passing the S. Liberata canal.

The rugged, inlet-rich coastline, which over time has provided shelter and refuge for sailing ships, fishing boats and small goiters, has allowed the emergence of two small fishing villages, now two well-known seaside resorts, Porto S. Stefano e Port Hercules, which encapsulate almost all the activities, tourist and otherwise, of the promontory.

The Promontory of Monte Argentario enjoys a favorable location that makes it particularly popular for many sports activities, both marine and land-based. The seabed along the coast is well known among diving enthusiasts for its rich flora and fauna, captured in spectacular images of sea anemones, coral reefs and seahorses.

The currents and winds that blow almost year-round allow for long and fascinating regatta seasons starting in spring with Pasquavela, which opens the doors to the new season, enriching the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea with colorful sails.

Two-wheelers and those who prefer to walk in natural environments will find on the promontory a series of routes, with different levels of difficulty, that cross the entire territory, penetrating the colors and aromas of the Mediterranean scrub and opening up to breathtaking views along the coast.

The high cliffs, which in some sections seem to rise majestically from the depths of the sea, attract the most adventurous rock climbers, the only ones who can truly enjoy the views this land has to offer.

On the promontory, sports and respect for the environment become one, and this is made even more evident by the presence of a golf club and a polo field, enclosed by thick vegetation and overlooking the Orbetello lagoon, a natural environment for many protected species such as the stilt-bird and the pink flamingo.