PMR regulation



The Maregiglio company accepts bookings for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility under the same conditions applicable to all other passengers, subject to the provisions of Regulation EU/1177/2010.

Disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility must notify the company at the time of booking or purchase of the ticket of their specific needs for accommodations, seating, required services or the need to bring medical equipment, provided such needs and requirements are known.

For online booking or purchases, persons with disabilities or persons with reduced mobility must notify the company by checking the PRM box when filling in the requested information.

Disabled passengers or passengers with reduced mobility who also need boarding assistance are required to inform the company at least 48 hours in advance of this need
and to arrive at least 60 minutes before departure time.

The company will provide the passenger with the information needed about conditions for access and assistance on board, including time to check in at the port of departure.

If strictly necessary, the company may require that a person with disabilities or a person with reduced mobility be accompanied by another person (companion) who can provide necessary assistance to the person with disabilities or a person with reduced mobility; said companion would travel free of charge.

If a disabled person or person with reduced mobility is accompanied by a recognized service dog, the dog shall be accommodated with the person, provided that notification is provided to the company in accordance with national regulations applicable to the carriage of recognized service dogs on board passenger vessels.

Our staff has been specially trained to provide specific assistance to PRM in wheelchairs and PRM not in wheelchairs. 

Our staff is available to find the most suitable solutions to support boarding. However, the Company may refuse to accept a booking, issue a ticket or board a disabled person or person with reduced mobility in order to comply with applicable safety requirements established by international, European Union or national legislation, or comply with safety requirements established by the competent authorities; or if the design of the vessel or port infrastructure and equipment makes it impossible to safely board, deboard, or transport the person. 

In such cases, the company shall immediately inform the person with a disability or the person with reduced mobility of the specific reasons. Upon request, these reasons shall be provided in writing to the disabled person or person with reduced mobility no later than five days after the request.

If the disabled person or person with reduced mobility, who has a reservation or a ticket and has duly notified the Company, is denied boarding nevertheless, he/she and his/her companion may choose between the right to reimbursement or alternative transport, subject to compliance with all safety requirements.