About us


About us

Our story begins in 1969, from three men, three partners, three friends who shared in addition to friendship a great passion for the sea.
Our story begins with a raft, the first boat that could transport vehicles from the mainland and back; in fact, this is how Giuseppe Rum started the first private scheduled connections to and from Giglio Island. 

Then it was the events of the outside world and also the foresight to see where they would take us, which allowed that raft to become a first small ferry the Giglio Espresso I and at the same time tourism to develop.
Thus, as flows grew, so did the Maregiglio fleet with ferries for scheduled services that became two and increasingly larger and passenger-only boats for day trips to the island. 

In just a few years, Maregiglio has become the leading shipping company for the islands south of the Tuscan Archipelago: Giglio Island and Giannutri.
Giuseppe Rum, Costantino Fanciulli and Domenico Pellegrini, the three founding partners were able over 30 years to make Maregiglio the driving force behind the Gigliese economy, thanks in part to the people they surrounded themselves with, those same people who today, at the heart of the company, represent its driving force. Today as yesterday, their children and grandchildren have been carrying on the business with the same passion and dedication for, now, three generations.

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The Maregiglio fleet

Mini Cruises

Hop aboard our mini-cruises, with daily tours of different types designed to take you on the best of the natural and scenic beauty of Giglio Island and Giannutri Island. We recommend booking in advance, especially during the busiest tourist periods.