How can I take advantage of resident rates?

To use the resident rate, you must first be a resident of the Island of Giglio or the Island of Giannutri and go to the ticket office at your port of departure with an identity card and your vehicle registration if you are boarding with your car. The resident rate applies only to certified residents of the island. In no case does it apply to relatives, friends, acquaintances of residents who are not residents of the island themselves.

Can I bring my car to Giglio Island?

Yes, may always load your car on the ferry to Giglio Island and there are no restrictions on the unloading vehicles except for the month of August. In August, you may only take your car if you are staying on the island for at least four days. You must, as such, have a self-certification for vehicles, which may be requested upon arrival on the island.

Vehicle self-certification

Can I bring my car to Giannutri?

No, because Giannutri has no roads accessible to vehicles, you may not bring your car. The only vehicles that can be unloaded in Giannutri are commercial vehicles and garbage trucks, which may be ferried with the permission of the municipal authority.

Are there special rates for workers and commercial vehicles?

Yes, there are special rates for commercial vehicles. To make use of the rates, you must go to the ticket office with a vehicle registration document. An invoice must be requested prior to the ticket issue. Seasonal workers can request a special fare by presenting an employer statement at the ticket office that certifies their employment on Giglio Island.

Can I take my dog on board? What about my cat?

Yes, you can always take your dog or cat on board, paying a ticket for them. We remind all pet owners that dogs on board must have a leash and muzzle. Pets may not enter the internal lounges. A pet carrier is required for small pets, such as cats.

 Non-indigenous species may not be brought to Giannutri Island, as it is a protected area, Because of the island’s unique features, we do not suggest bringing pets of any kind.

On Giglio Island, pets are allowed, with respect for the environment and basic civic norms. Pet access to free beaches is governed by municipal regulations. The private beaches each have their own internal regulation. Find out more in this article.


Do companions of persons with reduced mobility pay for a ticket?

No, if the disability is certified as a 100% disability, free passage may be requested for the companion as well. To receive this accommodation, disabled people with 100% disabilities must show the necessary documentation certifying their disability at the ticket office of the port of departure.

Here you can see the PRM regulation (People with Reduced Mobility) (pdf)

Can elderly and disabled people access the vessels?

All senior citizens, disabled people and people with reduced mobility may ask for assistance from the staff on board, at the ticket office at the port of departure, or directly to the staff checking the ticket when boarding. To purchase your ticket and companion, you must contact the ticket office at the email: info@maregiglio.it and report your disability before purchasing the ticket.

Can I take diving equipment on board?

Yes, diving equipment can be brought on board. It must always be reported at the ticket office when purchasing your ticket.

Can I request an invoice for my trip?

Yes, you may always request an invoice BEFORE the ticket has been issued at the ticket office.

How do I get to Giglio Island?

To get to Giglio Island, you need to take a ferry from Porto Santo Stefano. The trip takes about an hour. The ferry line schedules vary according to the season.

Read our post on how to get to Porto Santo Stefano at


For timetables, see the Timetables and Rates page on this web site.

If I buy a ticket and then cannot use it, can I request a refund?

No, but you can always ask to change the date or time of departure.

The departure date or time must be changed before the date and time of the ticket.

For example, if you bought your ticket for Thursday, March 12, at 1:30 pm from Giglio Island, you can change your departure time until 1:00 pm on March 12.

Can I change the departure date or time of the ticket?

Yes, you can change the date, time, or date and time of departure only if you make the request before the time and date of the ticket.

For example, if you bought your ticket for Thursday, March 12, at 1:30 pm from Giglio Island, you can change your departure time until 1:00 pm on March 12.