Landing Fee Updates 2023

To get to the island of Giglio, there is a landing fee (also known as a landing fee) to pay. Below is all the information you need to know about this.

How much and how to pay
The landing fee to get toGiglio Island orGiannutri Island amounts to:

2.00 for the months of November to March inclusive;
3.00 for the months of April to October inclusive;

This landing fee applies to all shipping companies covering the route from Porto Santo Stefano to either of the above two islands.

The fee is already included in the purchase price of the ticket on one of the ferries to Giglio Island.

To whom it is due and how it will be used:
The disembarkation fee must be paid by all passengers of all carriers, not just scheduled carriers, that provide the connection between Porto Santo Stefano and the island of Giglio or the island of Giannutri.

The resulting revenue will then be allocated, in proportion to the landings made, to implement interventions on individual islands: waste collection and disposal, environmental enhancement, maintenance, cultural promotion, and events.

There are categories exempt from the landing fee:

  • Residents;
  • Students and commuting workers;
  • Household members of individuals who have paid IMU in the municipality;
  • Personnel of shipping companies working on ships operating on the route;
  • Personnel assigned to medical and health rescue services on the island;
  • Funeral, police and firefighting transportation personnel.

In case you belong to one of the exempt categories, you may apply for exemption in duplicate to be sent to us filled out and countersigned to email: or