Discover the beaches of Giglio Island, the true pearl of the Tuscan Archipelago

As we all know and as the legend goes, Giglio Island is a gem in the Tuscan Archipelago, which also harbours other hidden treasures such as its beaches, rare in their extraordinary beauty.

The four main beaches on Giglio Island are partially equipped with umbrellas and loungers, and partially free. Three of these are located on the east side of the island, near Giglio Porto, while the largest one stretches to Giglio Campese, on the west side.

From here, our exploration of the most beautiful beaches and coves of Giglio Island begins.

Giglio Island Beaches: Campese, the largest

Campese beach, with its wide shoreline, is the largest of the entire Giglio Island.

This beach features free areas interspersed with bathing establishments, complete with loungers, umbrellas, bars, restaurants, and children’s play areas.

The sand, with a granular and characteristic red hue – the colour of the pyrite extracted from the nearby “Franco mine” (whose pylons can still be seen in the middle of the wide bay where the beach is located), adds unique charm.

Among the natural attractions we can admire at this beach on Giglio Island, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Montecristo Island emerging behind the sea stack, as well as Elba Island and Corsica standing out on the horizon, offering spectacular sunsets, different every day.

Continuing south along the beach, you reach the “La Marina” residential complex and the start of the path that climbs up the Franco promontory, leading to the small Pertuso beach and the Pozzarelli beach.

For those who prefer rocks, these more secluded coves are easily accessible on foot and offer a comfortable place to relax, away from the noise of mass tourism.

Given its convenience, Campese beach is much loved by both families and young people, who enjoy lingering until aperitif time, making it a reference point for those seeking to enjoy the sea of Giglio Island to the fullest.

How to reach Campese beach

Campese beach is located about 5 km from Giglio Castello and 7 km from Giglio Porto, and can be easily reached by car or bus.

The latter leaves every 20 minutes during the summer and costs only 2 euros per trip. As for parking, you can leave your car at the Sports Field, which is located right behind the beach.

The cost is 1 euro per hour or 3 euros for the day ticket. If you prefer to park in the blue stripes, the cost is 7 euros for the day ticket.

Exploring Cannelle beach

Second in size but probably the first in fame, we find the famous Cannelle beach.

This pearl located along the sea of Giglio Island stands out for its white, very fine and shiny sand, reminiscent of distant oceanic beaches.

The sea, of a vivid emerald colour, gradually transforms into a deep blue as you move away from the coast. Cannelle attracts all types of tourists, from young people to families and couples, not only for its rare beauty but also for its location just 1 km from Giglio Porto.

This beach, easily reachable on foot, by scooter, by car or by taxi and taxi boat services, has a self-service bar/restaurant and a pay and display car park.

Nearby you can find the small Caletta dello Smeraldo, a perfect option for those who prefer rocks to sand.

Caldane Beach

Among the most captivating beaches of Giglio Island, Caldane stands out as a hidden jewel waiting to be discovered.

Situated 2 kilometers from Giglio Porto, it can be reached by foot from Cannelle or by sea, by hiring a boat or availing the Taxi Boat service.

Caldane’s isolation marks it as one of the wildest and most unspoiled corners of Giglio Island, with a few houses tucked amidst the lush Mediterranean scrub.

Despite the beach being equipped with sun loungers and parasols, there are no bars or sanitary facilities, so it’s advisable to bring along food and drinks.

Caldane’s sand, thick and golden, gently massages the feet, providing a sense of inner peace. The sea here showcases the sheer splendor of Giglio Island.

By diving into these waters, you can swim among shoals of saddled seabream unafraid to approach the shore, and snorkel along the cliff up to the nearby Cala del Baccello or towards Cala della Torricella, where you can marvel at the abundance of sea urchins on the rocks and the variety of marine flora and fauna.

Caldane is the perfect place for those seeking a break from routine: the cell signal here is sparse, inviting you to fully appreciate the environment and tranquility. Upon returning to town, it’s the perfect opportunity to tag us in your Instagram posts, thus sharing your experience on the stunning beaches of Giglio Island.

Arenella Beach

Among the charming beaches of Giglio Island, north of Giglio Porto and hidden behind the Lazzaretto promontory after Cala Cupla, lies Arenella Beach, long adored by the Castellani.

This part of Giglio Island’s sea is a standalone ecosystem, comprising not only nature but also the residents of nearby houses and visitors staying in the two adjacent hotels, who reunite here annually for holidays.

Circumscribed by the imposing turtle rock on one side and other rocks on the other, Arenella is the beach favored by connoisseurs, those who know the island well and return year after year.

Its granitic origin golden and thick sand echoes that of Caldane.

To reach Arenella, about 2 km away from Giglio Porto, you can opt for a walk along the main road, a scooter ride, a car trip, or the convenient Taxi and Taxi Boat services always available from Giglio Porto.

In addition to enjoying the equipped beach, visitors can avail of the simple bar/restaurant and parking reserved for the beach establishment’s clients. It’s also possible to rent small boats without a license to explore the sea of Giglio Island at one’s leisure.

During the summer (from June 1 to September 30), access to free beaches for dogs is limited to specific hours, until 7 a.m. and after 8 p.m., according to a municipal regulation.

Regarding beach establishments, each facility has its own regulation. Despite the rules being restrictive on the main beaches, access to various coves usually presents no issues, provided that the dog is leashed and a muzzle is available.

Guide dogs for the visually impaired can move freely around the entire island, regardless of the existing regulation.

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