Argentario beaches and coves

Although the Monte Argentario Promontory is a complete territory in many tourist aspects, the sea always remains its first attraction. Stretching into the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea, this huge mountain is surrounded by crystal-clear, inviting waters and is, above all, far from the crowds that liven up the large sandy shores.

The coastline of the cape is steep and rugged with large cliffs that plunge into the seabed. The sea with its seasonal impetuosity and its eternal crashing on the shore has shaped the land, forming small bays and inlets, sought after by those who like more intimate places less accessible to the masses.

The Argentario creeks have been known since ancient centuries as the only docking areas for barbarians who haunted the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea in search of laboring arms, but they also represented access areas to more hidden places such as the Grotta del Turco.

Today the creeks are publicized in maps, magazines, and on social media where they are continually immortalized in any season, from sunrise to sunset.

Reaching them is not always easy; if the long Panoramic road passable by car for a good stretch from both Porto S. Stefano and Porto Ercole, it is the access point to many paths leading to the creeks, these sometimes presenting quite arduous inclines both to descend first and to ascend, then, at the end of the day.

For this reason sometimes the best way to access it is to rent a boat, possible to do so either with a driver or without, so that you can enjoy its waters and seabed, for as long as you wish to stay.

The most famous cove remains Cala Grande, a huge bay that encloses within it a comfortable beach where you can stay until the end of the day to enjoy breathtaking sunsets. Cala del Gesso is a little piece of paradise that is definitely worth the trip. Cala del Bove and the Dead Sea, on the latter of which it is also possible to rent sea beds, present amazing seabeds that snorkelers will not want to miss. Acqua Dolce and Lunga beach, on the other hand, are two small sandy shores on the south side, past Porto Ercole, definitely not to be missed for their enchanting beauty.

If you want to stay in the towns without straying too far, Cantoniera and Bionda in Porto S. Stefano, Le Viste and Le Pilette in Porto Ercole are the perfect coves for those who cannot stray far or do not want to stay at the beach all day.

La Cantoniera and Le Viste also have the option of enjoying umbrellas and sunbeds from the bathing establishments there.