Argentario Beaches and Coves Not to Miss: Our Advice

In this section of the Maregiglio website, we provide a brief introduction to the most stunning beaches of Argentario, a location that offers much from a variety of perspectives. Yet its glorious coastline, jutting out into the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is unquestionably the main attraction. 

Projecting into the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea, this massive marine mountain is surrounded by clear, inviting waters and is notably distant from the lively crowds that frequent large sandy beaches. The coasts of Argentario are characterized by steep and rugged cliffs that plunge into the sea depths. 

The sea, with its seasonal tumult and perpetual crashing against the shore, has sculpted the landscape, creating small bays and inlets. The coves found in Argentario are intimate and less accessible to the masses of tourists, making them particularly sought after by those who love peace and nature.

Historically, the beaches of Argentario were known from ancient times as they represented the only docking areas for Barbary pirates who roamed the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea in search of labor. At the same time, they were also gateways to hidden places such as, for example, the Grotta del Turco, a very distinctive spot located near Cala Cacciarella.

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How Do You Reach the Beaches of Argentario?


A question often asked by tourists visiting the area is “how do you reach the beaches of Argentario?“. The question is relevant because while it’s true that today the coves are advertised on maps, in magazines, and on social media (where they are continually captured in all seasons, from dawn to dusk), reaching them is not always easy. To get to the coves of Argentario, first and foremost, you must travel by car along the long Provincial Road 65, a beautiful recently redeveloped road that runs along the part of Monte Argentario that faces the open sea.

This road is the access point to many trails leading to the most beautiful beaches of Argentario, but it is important to remember that the paths are not suitable for everyone. In some cases, the slopes can be quite challenging, both descending and ascending (do not underestimate this, especially at the end of a tiring day at the beach).

Our advice is to avoid traveling these paths loaded with beach items, to always pay attention during the journey and to wear good footwear.

If you are looking for a safer and more immediate way to reach these beaches of Argentario, be aware that it is possible to rent a boat, either with or without a driver, thus you can enjoy the waters and seabeds of this place for as long as you wish to stay.

What Are the Most Beautiful Beaches of Argentario?

Summarizing the most beautiful beaches of Argentario is no simple task, but below we will provide some useful insights to discover the goodness this place has to offer. In giving you a selection, definitely not completely exhaustive, we start with Giannella Beach, located in the 6 km strip of land that erve sas a connection between the Argentario Promontory and the mainland.

Giannella Beach

Characterized by golden sand and clear waters, the Giannella tombolo stretches for about 8.5 kilometers, connecting the mainland with the Argentario promontory from Albinia to Santa Liberata. Along its length, the beach is bordered by a dense pine forest, which provides a shady retreat on the hottest days and helps create a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

Giannella Beach is easily accessible via the main road, where there are several accesses to the coast. Even though Giannella is very popular in the summer months, it retains its charm throughout the rest.

Access to Giannella beach is simple, thanks to the main road that leads to several entry points along the coast. Despite the summertime crowds that flock to Giannella, its charm is not diminished throughout the rest of the year. Indeed, the absence of the summer bustle allows visitors to fully appreciate its natural beauty.

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Beaches of Argentario to the west of Porto Santo Stefano

To avoid an arbitrary list, we’ve opted to share some of the best beaches in Argentario, starting from Porto Santo Stefano (the departure point of our Maregiglio ferries) and heading west. We begin our journey at La Cacciarella, a beach distinguished by its unique allure. Nestled between two towering cliffs, it offers a serene sanctuary from gusty winds. While reaching La Cacciarella requires a bit of a trek along a steep 500-meter trail, we can assure you that the view awaiting you is well worth the effort.

We can’t forget to mention Cala Grande among the most beautiful beaches of Monte Argentario, which you can glimpse from the scenic road with its three pebbled mini-beaches nestled in the Mediterranean scrub.

Don’t be deterred by the trail that you’ll need to traverse to reach it – the view and peaceful ambiance are well worth the effort. Continuing on our journey, we find one of the most celebrated coves in Argentario: Cala del Gesso. This pebble-strewn cove is a hidden gem, made even more precious by its secluded location, accessible only via a roughly one-kilometer trail. The ancient 16th-century Spanish watchtower that towers over Cala del Gesso adds historical charm to the experience, providing a bonus for tourists visiting this area.

If you’re a diving enthusiast, you won’t want to miss Cala Piccola. This small pebbled beach is a true paradise for divers, thanks to the “coral rock,” a reef 45 meters deep just a few meters from the shore. Cala Piccola is easily accessible from Porto Santo Stefano and is one of the most exclusive spots in Argentario.

Beaches of Argentario to the east of Porto Santo Stefano

Let’s now look at a selection of beaches and coves in Argentario, located to the east of Porto Santo Stefano. Not far from Porto Santo Stefano, you’ll find La Cantoniera, a stunning beach of sand and pebbles, easily accessible via the road built on the site of the former railway. When the sirocco wind blows, the water here becomes exceptionally clear, making this beach a perfect spot for a relaxing day at the seaside. Another not-to-be-missed destination is certainly La Bionda beach. Easily accessible from the town, this mixed pebble and sand beach is protected by rocks, making it a popular choice among locals.

If you prefer beaches with amenities available, Il Pozzarello is the right choice for you. It’s the actual beach of Porto Santo Stefano, right next to the road, offering services and a beach establishment. It’s a great option for those who aren’t keen on walking, and despite its location, it remains fairly quiet and not overly crowded.

If you’re traveling with family, Spiaggia dei Bagni di Domiziano is ideal for you. This Porto Santo Stefano beach is easily accessible, with shallow waters perfect for children. To round off our exploration of Argentario’s beaches, we must mention La Feniglia. This long crescent of golden sand, surrounded by the Duna della Feniglia Nature Reserve, offers breathtaking views. La Feniglia is conveniently accessible from both Ansedonia and Porto Ercole, thanks to a sprawling pine forest crisscrossed by trails suitable for walking or biking, which lead directly to the beach. Don’t forget to bring your bike—it’s the perfect way to explore the forest and choose your preferred spot on the beach!

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This detailed review of Argentario’s most beautiful beaches and coves is an invitation to explore a region we hold close to our hearts, as our company’s ferries depart from Porto Santo Stefano. 

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