Porto Santo Stefano - Giannutri Ferries


Porto Santo Stefano - Giannutri Ferries

Embark on an enlightening exploration of the ferry services connecting Porto Santo Stefano and Giannutri. Unearth all the vital details you need to kick-start your adventure right here, right now.

Maregiglio – a name that rings synonymous with quality – stands as the beacon of reliable daily transport services. It’s the favored choice for those who wish to uncover the allure of Giannutri and make their day a memorable affair.

General Details on Porto Santo Stefano to Giannutri Ferries

During the summer, the ferry services operating between Porto Santo Stefano and Giannutri set sail every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays. 

Although these connections are year-round, departure times do shuffle around a bit, marching to the rhythm of the seasons. To stay updated, it’s always wise to keep an eye on the latest schedules mentioned in our dedicated section.

Getting to Porto Santo Stefano

Knowing the way to Porto Santo Stefano is a must. Here’s a quick rundown for those setting off by car or bus.

If you’re steering from the north, your route would involve taking the Grosseto ring road, then cruising down Via Aurelia towards Rome. After clocking about 34 km, you’ll need to exit at Albinia and then follow the breadcrumbs to Porto Santo Stefano.

For those drifting in from the south, your journey would involve navigating the A12 Roma-Fiumicino motorway towards Civitavecchia. From there, it’s the SS1 Aurelia expressway that would lead you to Orbetello, with signs guiding you to Porto Santo Stefano.

If you’re boarding a bus from Orbetello or Grosseto, your destination is the very first stop at the gate of Porto Santo Stefano. It’s conveniently located opposite the Shipyards, just a hop, skip, and jump away from the ticket booths and the embarkation point.

The ride from Orbetello – Monte Argentario to Porto Santo Stefano takes a brisk 14 minutes, and the ticket won’t set you back by more than €2.60 each way. You can snag these tickets either at the Station Bar or online via the Autolinee Toscane website.

Managing Your Vehicle

For those motoring into Porto Santo Stefano, an array of parking options await to keep your vehicle safe and secure.

You could choose to park your vehicle in one of the many long-term, paid parking zones situated near the boarding area.

The usual daily tariff hovers around €10, and these parking spaces typically throw open their gates from 7 AM until 8-9 PM (though it’s always best to confirm beforehand).

If you’ve decided to park your vehicle, don’t miss out on the essential information we have compiled about parking facilities in Porto Santo Stefano. Plus, you can find a detailed map right here below to guide you.

Porto Santo Stefano – Giannutri Ferry Ticket Offices

Nestled close to the ferry launch, at Piazzale Facchinetti 6/7, you’ll find our traditional ticket booths. 

However, during the rush of the tourist season, snagging a spot can be a bit of a scramble.  We advise sidestepping this by reserving your place ahead of time on the Maregiglio website. 

This way, you can handpick your ideal departure and return dates and times, all from the comfort of your home.

Porto Santo Stefano – Giannutri Itinerary with the Motorship Costa d’Argento

The journey from Porto Santo Stefano to Giannutri is deftly handled by the Motonave Costa d’Argento. 

This passengers-only ferry can accommodate up to 350 people, making a cozy community on the sea. Please note, vehicles are not allowed on Giannutri, except for locals or for occupational reasons.

Ticket prices for our sea jaunts vary with the seasons (be it low, medium, or high), averaging between €25 and €29 for a round-trip. Remember, to truly experience Giannutri, you’ll need a €4 park ticket. We recommend checking our website for the latest rates.

Travelling from Porto Santo Stefano to Giannutri is a scenic 21-km journey, typically taking around an hour. Make sure to explore all the onboard services available on our Giannutri-bound vessels.

Your arrival on Giannutri

Upon reaching Giannutri, you’ll disembark at either Cala Spalmatoio or Cala Maestra, with the choice dependent on the day’s sea conditions. These captivating coves sit on opposite sides of the island, with a 15-minute, pedestrians-only path connecting them.

Beyond these two bathing spots, the rest of Giannutri falls within the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. As such, if you wish to venture further, you’ll need to join one of our Official Park Guides.

On Giannutri, nature walks and visits to the historic Roman Villa are on the agenda, always under the watchful eye of a guide from the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

While the island hosts a small convenience stand for basic necessities (open during high season), we recommend packing some essentials. Bring along enough water, a picnic lunch, and don’t forget your hiking shoes.

To book your island exploration, visit the Infopark site of the Archipelago Park or our own website’s mini-cruises section. Our park guides are at your service every day during the summer and on Saturdays in spring and fall for the Porto Santo Stefano to Giannutri ferries.

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For further details, feel free to reach out to:

Info Park 

tel. 0565 90 82231;

email: info@parcoarcipelago.info

Pro Loco Giglio Island and Giannutri

tel. 0564809400;

email: info@isoladelgiglio.it.

Mini Cruises

Discover our Mini Cruises  to Giglio and Giannutri Island

Departing from Porto Santo Stefano, this mini cruise will have you explore the natural and historical beauty of both islands.

The tour includes stops to enjoy the beaches and crystal clear sea and visits to charming seaside villages, and most importantly a tasty lunch on board.

Departing from Giglio Porto, this mini-cruise will take you to discover the ancient ruins of the Roman Villa in Giannutri accompanied by an official guide from the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, allowing you to immerse yourself in the history of this mansion overlooking the sea and enjoy the breathtaking view.

This adventure, departing from Porto Santo Stefano, will have you explore the main beaches and most hidden coves of Giglio Island, giving you the opportunity to swim among colorful fish and spectacular rock formations. All accompanied by an experienced snorkeling instructor.

Departing from Porto Santo Stefano, this option will allow you to discover the fascinating Island of Giannutri in the company of one of the official guides of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, who will accompany you along a trekking route illustrating the flora, fauna and historical riches, including the Roman Villa, of this wonderful island.

Departing from Giglio Porto, this tour will take you on an exciting excursion to discover the wonderful coves of Giannutri Island, habitat of a rich and varied marine life.

Again you will have an experienced guide at your disposal, who will accompany you during the snorkeling excursion and later along a trekking trail.