• Any complaints or claims may be made to the shipmaster on board or to the Company’s offices.
    Reports of damage suffered or accidents must be reported immediately to the ship captain.
  • Passengers to whom EU Regulation no. 1177/2010 applies and who would like to make a complaint to the Company may submit it within two months from the date on which the service was provided or was to be provided. Within a month of receiving the complaint, the Company must notify the passenger that the complaint has been accepted, rejected or is still under consideration. The time needed to provide a final response to the complaint must not exceed two months from its receipt.
    The complaint may be submitted in Italian or English, completing the form that can be downloaded at this link and sent
  • by email to:
  •  by PEC email:
  •  by regular mail or registered mail with return receipt: Maregiglio di navigazione Srl Via Umberto I, 22 58012 Isola del Giglio – Porto- (Gr)

    The complaint may also be made without using the downloadable form, while providing the information in the complaint as required by measure 3.2 of the resolution that can be downloaded at the link below. If the complaint is not responded to within the above terms, if it has been made completely and correctly following the instructions above, the passenger may: Lodge a second complaint with the Italian Transport Regulation Authority by writing to or
    If the company is tardy in responding to the complaint, the passenger will be entitled to automatic compensation as provided for in measure no. 5 of the resolution of the Transport Regulation Authority no. 83/2019 available at the following link: