Boarding for Giglio Island and Giannutri with Maregiglio: useful information

In this section we will give you all the information about ferry boarding to Giglio Island and Giannutri, so you can prepare your trip perfectly and know what you need to do.

Where the embarkation for Giglio Island and Giannutri is located.

Boarding for ferries bound for Giglio Island and Giannutri. is located at Piazzale Candi 8 – Ferry Terminal, Porto Santo Stefano, at the Port of Valle not to be confused with the Valle Pier. If you travel by car, you will be able to leave your vehicle directly at the embarkation point, again adhering to the timelines we will now discuss.

Maregiglio Company’s physical ticket offices are located at Piazzale Facchinetti 6/7, a short distance from the pier.

PLEASE NOTE: It is absolutely recommended, especially during peak season, to book online the ferry, for car and motorcycles so as to secure a seat on board the ship.

In addition, again during peak season, online booking is also recommended for passengers without vehicles to avoid long waits when purchasing a ticket and possible return problems during holidays or weekends.

Parking and presentation time for boarding

If you prefer not to board your car, Porto Santo Stefano offers several long-term paid parking options, with daily rates ranging from 8 to 10 euros. You can find all the information on where to park in Porto Santo Stefano in our dedicated in-depth article.

Regarding the time for presentation at boarding, it is important:

  • arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time for those traveling by car or motorcycle;
  • Show up at least 20 minutes early if you are a passenger without a vehicle.

Adherence to these timelines is critical because even if you are in good standing with the necessary documents, those who show up late are not guaranteed boarding.

Maregiglio guarantees reservations for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility under the same conditions as other travelers, providing assistance at no additional cost, provided that the disability is disclosed when purchasing the ticket or during booking. To do so, you must send an email notification to: email: with the subject line “PMR Service Request,” indicating your expected departure date.

For online purchases, people with disabilities or reduced mobility must select the PMR option when entering the required information. In any case, a passenger with a disability or reduced mobility who requires assistance for boarding must notify the Carrier at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure date and report to the boarding gate 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

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Vehicles and restrictions on the island of Giglio and Giannutri

You can embark your car to Giglio Island without limitation, except for the month of August. During this time, you are allowed to board your car only if you stay on the island for at least four days.

In this case, it is necessary to have a self-certification for vehicles (here you can find information on the dates when it is required), which can be requested when disembarking on the island. As for Giannutri Island, it is not possible to embark motor vehicles, as there are no roads passable by these vehicles.

The only vehicles allowed on the island are commercial vehicles or the garbage truck, which may pass through with municipal permission.

As a reminder, those transiting the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago must pay mandatory landing fees:

  • For Giglio Island, the fee is 3 euros;
  • while for Giannutri Island the cost is 5.5 euros.

Boarding Giglio Island and Giannutri with animals on board

Maregiglio allows dogs and cats to board, for Giglio Island and Giannutri, provided they purchase a special ticket.

Pet owners must be provided with a leash and muzzle for dogs, while the use of a pet carrier is mandatory for small animals such as cats. However, please note that animals are not allowed access to the ship’s interior lounges.

Boarding of diving equipment

Diving equipment can be taken aboard Maregiglio ferries.

It is important to report the presence of these facilities when purchasing a ticket at the ticket office.