Visiting Giannutri

Access to the Island and Useful Information

Important information Access ticket – Ticket to access the Giannutri Island must be bought for €4.00, in effect year-round. Payment is due to the Park Authority for a day of access to the island. Those who do not have a ticket upon checks will be subject to an administrative fine from €50.00 to €500.00. Payment of the access ticket is made when the ferry ticket is issued. The access ticket to the protected area is available at the ticket offices of the public transportation navigation companies, the ticket offices of navigation companies that offer micro-cruises as well as at a public establishment in Giannutri (bar in Cala Spalmatoio) and the Giglio Island Proloco information site. The access ticket is stamped with the date at the time of purchase and must be kept and shown to security personnel during checks. Ticket exemptions – The following cases are exempted: children under the age of 12: school and university groups (including teachers), people with disabilities and their companions, institutional staff and those who come to the island to work, on behalf of public agencies, companies or agencies providing public services, and for private persons. In order to use the exemption, you must show at the ticket office and during checks by the security staff the documentation verifying the job assignment or exemption conditions; research personnel authorized by the National Park, on the basis of current scientific research regulations; residents of the Municipality of Giglio Island, the owners of properties, as well as the tenants of those properties, relatives up to two degrees of kinship with residents of the Municipality of Giglio Island, owners of properties or tenants. Areas of the island for free use. The road system connecting Cala Maestra to Cala Spalmatoio, with its adjoining roads, can be taken by anyone without the requirement to have a guide. The two coves are also free for swimming. Areas of the island that you can visit only with a guide. Outside the areas (the road system connected Cala Maestra to Cala Spalmatoio and adjoining roads), for environmental protection and safety reasons, tours must be only and exclusively on the identified routes (map) authorized by the Park Authority, and must be accompanied by an authorized environmental guide, both for individual visitors and in groups. Non-compliance with the requirement to be accompanied by a guide (Park Guide or professional qualified according to the Law 4/2013) is subject to an administrative fine from €150.00 to €1,032.00. Conditions of use for residents Residents, property owners and tenants, as well as their direct relatives within two degrees of kindship are required to be accompanied by guide, and if they are checked, they must be able to prove to the authorities their reason for exemption. Failure to prove meeting the above requirements will result an administrative fine of between €100.00 and €600.00. The above groups have free access to the entire island’s trail system. Rules of conduct for visitors and residents. Visitors are prohibited from leaving the authorized routes (map). Violators will be subject to an administrative fine from €50.00 to €500.00. Visitors, residents, property owners and tenants as well as direct relatives up two degrees of kinship are not allowed to go outside of the island’s path system. Violators will be subject to an administrative fine from €125.00 to €750.00. It is prohibited to leave waste of any kind. Violators will be subject to an administrative fine from €100.00 to €600.00. Tour with guide In the areas where it is mandatory to be accompanied by a guide, each guide may lead groups of up to 25 people. If groups are accompanied a group beyond that limit, the guide or professional qualified according to the Law 4/2013 will be subject to an administrative fine from €150.00 to €1,032.00. All accompanied persons must prove that they have paid for the access ticket or that they are exempt. Guides and professionals qualified as per Law 4/2013 are responsible for checking in advance and may not accompany people who have not correctly paid the ticket. Pets In compliance with the ZPS standards pursuant to Directive 79/409/CEE and as a Site of Community Importance pursuant to Habitat Directive 92/43/CEE (which require management agencies to implement immediately minimum levels of protection): – Dogs must stay with their owners and must be kept on a leash, with no access to Zone A. Violators will be subject to the following fines: – unattended or unleashed dogs: administrative fine from €75.00 to €600.00; – access to Zone A: administrative fine from €100.00 to € 600.00; – Dog owners must pick up their pet’s waste as per applicable regulations. – Cats are allowed only in the vicinity of homes and must be sterilized and identified with a microchip. Violators will be subject to an administrative fine from €75.00 to €600.00. Guided services operated by the Park Authority. Groups will be organized with one park guide for every 25 people (except to respect specific COVID-19 anti-contagion regulations). For services at the archaeological site of the Roman Villa, the accompanying park guide has a tourist guide license and can lead a maximum of 25 people at a time, for a maximum of 75 people per day. Park guides are subject to the same rules set out in general in the previous “Visit with guide” section. If the regulation is violated, the fines described therein apply. Rates for guided services by the Park Authority.Nature and archaeological visit, including ticket to the protected area, ferry and lunch basket, €65.00 full price, €38.00 reduced price from 5 to 12 years, free for children 0-4. Purchase the excursion online Giannutri, Hidden TreasuresTour of the villa including ticket to access the protected area, round-trip ferry Full price, €45 – reduced price from 5 to 12 years, €28 – children 0-4 years old, free Buy ticket online with departure from Porto Santo Stefano → Villa Romana di Giannutri Nature route: €8 per person, reduced rate children 5-12, €4, free for children 0-4 years. Buy ticket online → at – Archaeological tour and Roman Villa: €8 per person, reduced rate, children 5-12, €4, free for children 0-4 years. Buy ticket online → at

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