Fish Soup or Caciucco


  • Soup Fish;

  • Totano;

  • Sepia;

  • Crustaceans;

  • Seafood;

  • Parsley;

  • Half an onion;

  • 4 tablespoons EVO oil;

  • Tomato;

  • Glass of wine;

  • chili;

  • stale bread;


Brown onion, parsley and four tablespoons of oil in a pan. Add the tomato. Once the sauce has narrowed, add squid and cuttlefish and cook for 30 minutes. After that, the fish, shellfish and seafood are added and allowed to cook for another 10 minutes.

Once the fish are cooked, remove from the sauce and add a little more water, depending on the bread to be soaked; add salt and chili pepper to taste; boil for a few more minutes. Then pour the broth over the stale bread and serve it with the fish.