Isola del Giglio the Pet Friendly Holiday

Theisland of Giglio is a coveted half for many, men, women, and even, most importantly, animals; especially during the warm season, from spring through fall. An almost unspoiled environment and rugged wilderness, and the distance from city life create the ideal space for those who choose a wellness and relaxation vacation for themselves and also for our four-legged friends who here, find their natural dimension. From ferries to lodging, via beaches and towns, it is always permissible to travel in the company of your pet, and in every case you will find people ready to welcome them with affection and sympathy as long as you follow a few small behavioral rules and simple expedients.

Access to Shipboard

Animals of any species and size are always allowed on board ships, as long as they are ticketed. Therefore, remember your pet when purchasing your travel ticket or reservation. The cost of the ticket on our ships is about 5 euros.

Small pets must be transported with the appropriate pet carrier. While for those of medium or large size, a muzzle and leash are required.

For guide dogs, the bridge crossing is free of charge. A number of places are available within the Salon Bar reserved for the blind and their companions whether they are two-legged or four-legged, along with a range of services to assist Persons with Reduced Mobility which can be activated at the time of booking.

While sailing, it is always recommended to keep your four-legged friend under surveillance, especially at the busiest times to avoid bothering other passengers, or in rough seas to prevent them from getting scared.

Access to Beaches

Access to the free beaches is regulated by municipal regulations in effect from June 1 to September 30, which define some important behavioral rules to be followed to allow everyone to enjoy the common areas to the fullest:

-animal access to free beaches is limited to specific times. You can tend to take your dog in the morning until 7 a.m., while in the evening you can let him run free on the sand from 8 p.m. onward.
access to bathing establishments, is regulated differently depending on the management of the facility. In Giglio Campese, there are some Pet Friendly bathing establishments that allow you to keep your four-legged friend with you. Clearly, these directions are not to be considered valid in the case of “guide dogs for the blind and to dogs patented by leashrescue.”

The island, however, gives beautiful hidden coves where there are no rules of any kind. Here you can comfortably spend the entire day with your four-legged friend. These are often isolated places sometimes difficult to reach because of long dirt trails, sometimes less so where the routes are easier to travel. It is always possible to reach these places by boat, renting it in Giglio Porto or Giglio Campese. In any case, in these places you can enjoy at the same time the company of your pet and the most beautiful views of the island.
The last guideline concerns owners, who must always be equipped with a leash and muzzle, as well as everything necessary to pick up the dog’s needs not only when accessing beaches or coves, but and especially when walking in small towns.

Access to Public Transportation- Buses

Access to the public transportation that provides service on the island, that is, the buses that connect the three countries, is a bit more complicated and subject to stricter regulations; this is also due to the conformation of the transportation means themselves.

Free access is allowed for all small animals that do not occupy a seat in the amount of one animal per person. All should always be transported in special carriers that protect them from contact with the outside world.

Medium or large dogs are allowed on a leash and muzzle to be used at all times throughout the trip. Except for guide dogs intended to assist the blind.

Owners are always required to supervise their animal by ensuring that it does not damage cars, soil or disturb other passengers. Always within the limits of what is possible so that everyone can travel peacefully in the best way possible.

In some cases, especially when crowded, the cabin crew may decide not to allow the animal on board, to protect the animal itself and other passengers. Again the cabin crew may decide to remove the animal if it disturbs other passengers or dangerous situations arise.

If you want to avoid using public transportation, especially during high season when it is more crowded, you can use the collective cab service that always leaves from Giglio Porto and connects the entire island.

Pet Friendly Accommodations

Various facilities and types of accommodation are available on the island that allow you to bring your pet with you. From apartments to hotels to bed and breakfasts, to meet the needs of any type of traveler. Some of these facilities you can find directly on our website.
For the others, it is recommended to check from time to time how to access them. Always required to leave with a leash.

Veterinary Service

A Veterinary Service offered by Dr. Ilaria Russi is available on the island. The only veterinary service active on the island, it is very convenient and can be activated before departure directly from the GiglioVet website, through a weekly subscription that guarantees 24h/24h assistance for the duration of the vacation.

Request an On Line Quote from Giglio Vet

In short, the Lily is always beautiful and always accessible to everyone, perhaps with a little more effort than in other places. An effort well repaid by the well-being that men, women, children and animals derive from it during their stay. What we recommend to all those who like to travel with their pets is to choose the least crowded periods for their Pet Friendly Vacation. The few people, silence, slow pace and direct contact with nature will make the stay, an unforgettable experience for everyone.

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