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Staying in Giglio Castello

The Medieval Village of the Island

Giglio Castello is definitely the most picturesque town on the island. Once the nerve center of peasant life, which took place all around in the countryside, then back inside the walls, in the donkey stables and the cellars where wine was made; then the center of nightlife, with its bars hidden in the alleys or more exposed in the middle of the Gloriosa Square and the old Lombi Disco. Now a place of peace and relaxation, it is ideal for those who on the hottest days of summer are looking for some coolness, facing panoramic views of the harbor, the coast, Campese Bay and the islands to the west-Montecristo, Corsica and Elba. From any point Giglio Castello offers breathtaking views of the island all around. It is also from here that all the trails that crisscross the length and breadth of the island start. There are various accommodation options, mainly apartments of various sizes, room rentals and B&Bs can be found.


AMMIRAGLIO- Campese Provincial Road, 7

+390564804164 / +39 3382959512- info@ammiraglio.it-www.ammiraglio.it

AEGILIUM- Alum Street

+39 0564806072 / +39333950915- caterina@aegilium.it

BAFFIGI- Via di Mezzo Franco

+39 0564 804140- baffigi@isoladelgiglio.info- www.isoladelgilio.info

GIGLIO MULTISERVIZI- Via Umberto I, 26- Giglio Porto

+39 0564809056 / +39 335 6093627-gms@gigliomultiservizi.com-

Room Rentals


AIRONE- Via Santa Maria, 12

+39 0564806076 / +39 3483538085- camereairone@hotmail.it

LANDINI ANGELO- Gloriosa Square, 16

+39 0564806074- info@affittacamereisoladelgiglio.it

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