Porto Santo Stefano

Porto Santo Stefano is one of two urban conglomerates in the municipality of Monte Argentario. The other is Porto Ercole located on the diametrically opposite side. The gulf the village overlooks faces the Giannella coastline. One must bypass the Argentario promontory to the west to see the islands of Giglio and Giannutri. The first thing that jumps to the eye and that one breathes as one arrives from the provincial road leading into the village is a strong and long-standing seafaring tradition, of which the Portosantostefanesi are proud and which they celebrate every year on August 15, with what is the most important and awaited event: the Palio Marinaro. A tradition that began in the early 1950s, but has its roots in ancient legends and historical events. The rowing regatta, one of the longest in the world, sees the four districts compete: Valley, Fortress, Cross and Pilarella; into which the town is divided. In addition to its tourist vocation, Porto Santo Stefano is an active commercial, seaside and fishing center as evidenced by the many fishing boats moored in the Valle commercial harbor, just beyond the departure of scheduled ferries to the islands, and a center of international significance for sailing and yachting. Descending precisely from the descent that leads to the village by car of the view opens up to the shipyards, the commercial port of Valle from where ferries depart and where fishing boats are moored, and the beginning of the beautiful waterfront promenade that leads to the Pilarella marina, where luxury yachts are moored instead. On the Navigators’ Promenade, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro is theAquarium inside which the typical marine environment of the Mediterranean is reproduced. Upon entering the village, one need only look up to catch sight of the imposing structure of the Spanish Fortress. Located in a dominant position, it was built to control the harbor in the 17th century, during Spanish rule. The building is in perfect condition, houses the permanent exhibitions Submerged Memories and Shipwrights, and from its terraces you can admire a panorama of extraordinary beauty
There are, in addition, many trekking routes, and scenic roads that can be traveled to admire, medieval fortresses, coastal watchtowers and breathtaking views with sheer vistas of the sea, a Passionist Friars Convent and many beaches and coves located all around Argentario, most of which can only be reached by boat. Porto Santo Stefano and the Argentario in general is not only an ideal place for boat lovers, but also for divers whose sport is one of the most popular. Numerous dive centers are open and active year-round, and there are numerous underwater locations rich in flora and fauna to explore.

Places of Interest

  • Waterfront of the Navigators
  • Spanish fortress of the 17th century.
  • Panoramic Road and Coastal Towers
  • Roman Villa of the Domizi Enobarbi
  • Passionist Convent and Tower of the
  • Telegraph
  • Tower of Capo d’Omo
  • Argentiera Tower
  • Golf Club

The advice, as soon as you arrive in Santo Stefano, if you arrive by car, is to leave it at the first available parking lot, which is the Valle parking lot immediately at the entrance to the village. Or in one of the long-stay pay parking lots.

Where to park in Porto Santo Stefano (Guarded parking lots):

  • Parking Argentario
  • Asiamel Parking
  • Parking Fanciulli
  • Economy Parking
  • Parking Holiday Travel

Guarded parking lots in Porto Santo Stefano cost 8/10 euros per day, depending on the season and the parking lot. Usually the Economy Parking has even cheaper rates but since it is very small you need to book early.

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How to Get to Porto Santo Stefano


If you arrive by train from the Orbetello-Monte Argentario station, you can take the Tiemme Orbetello-Porto Santo Stefano line bus, which makes several stops within the town, the first one right in front of the Shipyard, just a few meters from the embarkation and Maregiglio Ticket Offices. You can find the schedule of scheduled buses here. Bus tickets can be made at the Orbetello station bar, or online from the Tiemme App or directly from the website. The route takes about 14 minutes and costs 2.60 euros.


  • From Milan- distance 474, 19 km- Estimated travel time 5h 21 minutes
  • From Florence- distance 176, 2 km- Estimated travel time 2h 43 min.
  • From Rome- distance 154.2 km – Estimated travel time 1h 50 minutes
  • From Genoa – distance 355 km- Estimated travel time 4h 13 min.


Cab service is available from Orbetello Monte Argentario station.
The cost of the route is between 15 and 19 euros.
Below are the contact details of active Taxi Companies:

– Pantini Evio
+39 056 486 0233

-Taxi Costa D’Argento By Giorgio Bartolini
+39 347 255 4303

Where you can find us in Porto Santo Stefano

Line ticket offices for Giglio Island and Giannutri:

Pizzale Facchinetti 6/7
Tel 0564 809309

Email: info@maregiglio.it

Maregiglio Ticket Offices The Sun Cruises :

Valley Square, 6

Tel. 0564809309/(+39) 3288219777
Email: crociere@maregiglio.it

→ Giglio Porto

Giglio Porto, is as the name implies, the island’s small and only port. Tourist and commercial port , where scheduled ferries arriving from the mainland dock. The village with its colorful little houses is developed near the promontory of Lazzaretto, so named for the Tower built there in 1624 and used, precisely, as a lazaret. On the other side of the Port is, the Saracen Tower, built by Ferdinand I in 1596 to defend the island, from pirate attacks. It was precisely with the end of pirate raids that the town had its demographic and commercial development, as happened to many coastal towns, and was repopulated by fishermen and traders from the south and Liguria. Typical of the Port are southern surnames: Mattera, Ferraro, Fanciulli, and Ligurian: Solari, Ansaldo, Schiaffino. In the center of the town just behind the row of colorful little houses arranged in a row on the waterfront promenade is the Church of San Lorenzo, the patron saint of the town who is celebrated on August 10. But to Giglio Porto first of all, in the 2nd century AD, came the Romans, specifically the Domizi/Enobarbi family who right above the Caletta del Saraceno a luxurious villa complete with fishponds in which fish were raised, the so called “Cetarea,” the remains of which are still visible in front of the little beach of Saraceno. It was the Romans who built the first harbor, later incorporated by the Grand Ducal Pier of 1796, which today corresponds to today’s Red Pier or East Pier. Then there existed in the 1500s a Castellare del Giglio, a fortificationnow never lost that was located in a dominant position on the high ground that closes the bay of Giglio Porto to the south and overlooks the Saracen Tower.

On the side of the Molo Verde or West Pier, right next to the latter is the delightful little beach of the “Scalettino” with its namesake rocks right next to it. The completely free beach is usually a favorite among local children.

Fun fact: An old sailor told me one day that the houses in the Harbor each have a different color so that each sailor can recognize his own house even from afar, aboard his ship passing through the channel.

The marina

The marina of Isola del Giglio can accommodate up to 196 boats, of which 20 berths are for transit, the allowed length to use a berth is no more than 25 meters. Of course, it must be taken into account that in the summer period such availability is limited
There are, in addition, some prohibitions, such as the prohibition of anchoring, those related to parking, bathing and fishing of any species.
The port of Isola del Giglio is usually protected from strong winds, so there should be no problems when docking; the prevailing winds, in any case, are from the northeast and southeast.
Waste collection, managed by the municipality of Isola del Giglio
Fuel dispensers, usually located inside the pier
Water supply, always to be considered the availability of places
Private slides and cranes


Catenary Service- Moorers

Tel. +39 3388191555

Local Maritime Office

Phone: 0564809480
Fax : 0564808846
e-mail : lcgiglio@guardiacostiera.gov.it

Events to mark

  • Festivities in honor of St. Lawrence, generally lasting 3 days starting on August 8 and culminating on the 10th with the Palio Marinaro of Giglio Island and the midnight fireworks display
  • Amberjack Cup. Fishing competition generally organized on the first weekend of October

Where to find us in Giglio Porto

Umberto I Street, 22, 58012 Isola del Giglio (GR)
tel: 0564809309

Post Office

Via Cardinal L. Oreglia, 10 -58012 Giglio Porto GR (just before the church)
tel: 0564 809466

Information Office- ProLoco Isola del Giglio

Address: Via Provinciale, 9, 58012 Isola del Giglio GR
Phone: 0564 809400
email: info@

Local Maritime Office

Address: Umberto I Street no. 64 – 58012 Giglio Isola (GR)
Phone: 0564809480
Fax : 0564808846
PEC : cp-portosantostefano@pec.mit.gov.it
E-mail : lcgiglio@guardiacostiera.gov.it;
Opening hours : Monday to Friday 09.30 / 12.30 – Saturday 09.00 / 11.00


Provincial Road, 2 58 012 Isola del Giglio

Phone: 0564808120
Today’s hours: 9 a.m.-1 p.m. and 4:30-7:30 p.m.

Bank and ATM

Monte dei Paschi di Siena

Address: Via Provinciale, 18/20, 58012 Isola Del Giglio GR
Phone: 0564 808037

Florence Savings Bank

Via Cardinale Oreglia, 14, 58013 Giglio Porto GR
Closes soon ⋅ 4:15 p.m. ⋅ Opens Mon at 8:30 a.m.
Phone: 0564 809241

Medical Guard

Address-Via Pronvinciale

Giglio Porto medical guard – tel. 0564809116 – 0564483125
Giglio Castello medical guard – tel. 0564806068
Giglio Campese medical guard – tel. 0564 804177

Misercordia Association- Giglio Island

Address- Joseph Rum Square
tel 0564 1836017
email: misericordiagiglio@gmail.com

Bus Stop

Joseph Rum Square
about 100 mt from the ferry landing
Bus Schedules on Tiemme.com

Cab Service Ncc-

at Piazzale Giuseppe Rum

Ansaldo AndreaCell. +39 340 8732865
Blanco AntonioCell. +39 347 194188
Brizzi OttavioCell. +39 338 9706950

Toremar Ticket Office

Cab Boat Service to the Beaches

Umberto I Street, 58012 (on the right from the ferry landing)

Hardware and E-Bike Rental

Via Provinciale Porto, 48, 58012 Giglio Porto GR
Hours: 08:30- 20:00
Phone: 377 452 5708

Veterinary Assistance Service

Giglio Vet.- Dr. Ilaria Russi

Tel +39 348 6720268

web-site: www.gigliovet.it

Osteopath & Physiotherapist

Dr. Giampiero Mattera

Via del Saraceno, 58012 Giglio Porto GR

Tel: +393280051553
email: gmattera@hotmail.it

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Osteopatia-Fisioterapia-Isola-del-Giglio-464826123674413/